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Herbal Magic - Hardback by Gerina Dunwich

Herbal Magic - Hardback by Gerina Dunwich

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A Guide to Herbal Enchantments, Folklore, and Divination

Gerina Dunwich - the author of dozens of books on Wicca and witchcraft - shows how to use the roots, flowers, leaves and bark of common plants for practical magick. Here are many well-guarded secrets of herbal enchantments and the history of herbal folklore along with a satisfying easy-to-follow guide herbal spells for many purposes.

This cornucopia of herbal and magical lore includes:

· Over 40 herbs associate with supernatural creatures
· 13 kinds of herbal divinations
· 13 healing and protection spells
· 16 magic garden spells
· 84 dream garden recipes
· Herbal correspondences for 250 plants

This is a book for those interested in healing, the magical arts and the legend and lore of herbs.

First published in 2002, this new edition includes an updated text, a new foreword by Arin Murphy-Hiscock and a fresh new interior design.